This group meets to decorate and show the glory of the Lord in the Church. It meets on Saturday afternoon to beautify the Church.

The group is involved in teaching of children ages 1 – 12 Years both during the Worship Service and the Sunday School. The group is led by the director, Children’s Department.

The group assists in the counseling and follow up of new believers or those in need of counseling either as a result of making a new decision or reeducation to Christ.

The group organizes plays, play-lets and drama generally for the edification of the body of Christ.

The group is charged with the witnessing and outreach programmes of the Church both for Church expansion and to challenge members to the Master’s call to go into the world and make disciples of all nations.

These are arms of WMU; Sunbeam for children ages 4 – 10, G.A. for girls ages 10 – 16, Lydia for girls ages 17 till marriage. They have their respective meeting days:

  • Sunbeam on Saturdays 5 – 6pm
  • G.A. after Sunday Service
  • Lydia on the 2nd and 4th Sundays of the month by 1pm

The group is charged with the responsibility of purchasing Christian Literatureyand making the same available for sale to members after the worship services on Sundays.

The committee arranges for new Church planting and assist in the mission stations of the Church. In addition, mission club has been added to the ministry.

These are the missionary groups of the Church. All married men and women belong to these two groups respectively.

The group is responsible for ensuring proper and accurate visual projection in the Church and also clear Live Streaming of video and audio at all services.

This group is for those who wants to use their talent/gift (their beautiful voices) to praise the Master, Jesus Christ. The group meets on Mondays and Saturdays for practice.

These are for matured Christians to help in teaching in the new members class on Sundays during the Sunday School.

The prayer warriors meet every day of the week in the evening in the Church. The group meets to intercede for all organs of the Church, the member and the nation.

The group organizes and visits prisons and hospitals to minister to the inmates and the sick respectively.

The group is ensures that the members’ cars are properly parked etc. They are assisted by some paid staff who watch after the cars during all church programme.

The group is responsible for ensuring that the public address systems function optimally and in correct place at the time required.

The group produces the Church’s magazine and other new items. They solicit for articles from members and carefully set them out in the magazine.

These are for boys ages 10 – 24 years

These are for matured Christians to help in adult Sunday School Classes on Sundays before the service. The teachers meet to prepare and pray on the second Saturday of the month.

These are members between ages 13 – 19 years. These meet on Saturdays at 3pm.

These are involved in the ushering of members and worshipers during the services and other programmes of the Church.

This group is involved in overseeing the physical infrastructure of the Church and making sure they function properly I.e. Water, Power (generator) etc.

This group organizes and visits the first timer to Church, to encourage and follow up on them. It also provides care visit to members who are sick or absent from the Church for sometimes.

The group is in charge of welcoming visitors and guests to the Church; they meet with guests after the worship services, introduce the Church to them and encourage them to become members of the body.

These are members between ages 17 – 40 years. They organize programmes of the Church that are enriching and hold their meetings on the third Saturdays of the month.