Teens Week 2021

Our Teens Week kicks off tomorrow and our highlight of events include:

SUNDAY MORNING: (1st and 2nd Service with Sunday School in between)

SUNDAY EVENING: (Worship His Majesty 2.0) – 6:00PM (WAT)

MONDAY: Bible Study: The Challenge for Catalysts. 6:00PM (WAT)

TUESDAY: Family Enrichment Encounter: Raising Catalysts for Global Impact

Speaker: Pastor Mrs. Mary Kristilere (Host, Blessed Above Women Conference)

WEDNESDAY: Prayer Encounter -6:00PM (WAT)

SATURDAY: Prayer Walk – 7:00AM (WAT)

The Lord shall greatly bless you as you make plans to be at all programmes with your teens and tweens.


Aug 08 - 14 2021


8:00 am - 6:00 pm

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