21 Days Prayer & Fasting

Welcome to 2023, our year of Supernatural Light! Beginning the New Year with fasting and prayer has been our practice since the inception of this church. We do not engage in it as a tradition but as a covenant walk with the Lord. We have learned from the Scriptures and life’s experiences that we serve a prayer-answering God. In fact, we have come to embrace the statement, “If there is a man to pray, there is a God to answer.” We have many infallible proofs amidst us that God does answer prayers. This year will not be an exception. 

Our entrance into the year 2023 is with thanksgiving and deepest appreciation to God who has been our help in ages past and our hope for years to come. Thanksgiving is an essential part of every prayer encounter because it shows our gratitude for what God has done, and our understanding of them as a privilege, not a right. It also positions us for more deliveries of His goodness and mercies as we engage in this New Year. 

The prayer guide has been prayerfully and painstakingly prepared to help us take effective and effectual deliveries of Supernatural Light through prayer. I implore you therefore to pray correctly, pray courageously, pray consistently, pray conscientiously, and pray convincingly this year much more than ever. While the world may be getting darker and people groping in darkness, you as a believer are exempted by your redemptive privilege. You are ordained by God to shine as light in the midst of a dark world. 

You will do well to invite your family members, neighbours, friends, colleagues, and associates to join us in this journey of fasting and prayer before the Lord. We will be meeting every evening at 6 pm from 2nd -22nd January 2023. Throughout the month of January, we shall be having a combined service every Sunday. There will be two-night vigils on Fridays, the 13th and 20th, and two special weekends for: Business and Career Breakthrough Encounter (14th), Marital Breakthrough Encounter and Fathers and Mothers of Nations Prayer Summit (21st) of January 2023. God has prepared seasoned ministers of the gospel within and outside our church to minister during these 21 days. 

Get set for an unprecedented manifestation of Supernatural Light in 2023 as powered by an effectual and fervent prayer of the righteous. God’s richest blessings await you as you come believing and praying! 

Yours in His service, 

Julius Omomola 


Jan 02 2023


6:00 pm - 7:00 pm


Church auditorium
17/19 Femi Adebule Street off Fola Agoro Road, Shomolu. Lagos

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